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News 2017


Falcons ready for new chapter in life by Noah Lowy

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Summer break in Scripps Ranch by Kailey Williams

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SRHS presents Go Ask Alice by Ashley Lo

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Seniors perform last spring dance show by Kyla de Vera

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Robert Mueller appointed special counsel by Ashley Lo

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Harsher sentences for nonviolent drug offenders by Nick Cassol

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North Korea fires new missile by Binyamin Moryosef

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F.B.I. director fired by Nathan Nguyen

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SRHS music presents end of year concert by Sadiea Akbar


SRHS puts on concert before Northwest trip

Falcon Juniors and Seniors face off in Powder puff

Neil Gorsuch

Niel Gorsuch confirmed to the Supreme Court

Falcons travel during Spring Break 2017

Electronic Travel Ban

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North Korea going nuclear

2017 mock trial comes to an end

ROTC goes to Camp Pendleton


Mock trial prepares to compete by Ashley Lo


Science Olympiad by Sadiea Akbar


Berkeley riots by Binyamin Moryosef

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Throwball begins again at SRHS by Nathan Nguyen


Betsy DeVos leads the Department of Education by Nick Cassol


Travel ban causes mass outrage by Noah Lowy


The sixth mass extinction by Kailey Williams

Sports June 2017


Seniors Signed to Colleges and Universities

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Track strides towards a strong season by Nick Cassol

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Men’s tennis blends youth with experience and sees improvements by Nathan Nguyen

Women’s Lacrosse determined to conquer opponents by Kyla de Vera

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Baseball starts strong with victories over rivals by Noah Lowy

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Success lies ahead for Men’s Lacrosse by Alyssa Rufino

Softball develops team chemistry by Justin Martin

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Men’s Volleyball combines fun and hard work for a winning formula by Kailey Williams

Swim and Dive looks to match last year’s achievements by Ashley Lo and Andrea Fredericks

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Men’s Golf excited to build on legacy by Binyamin Moryosef

Badminton scores huge win over Mira Mesa by Sadiea Akbar


Men’s soccer comes out on top in overtime thriller by Noah Lowy


Mens basketball exceeds expectations by Nick Cassol


Women’s soccer aims for CIF Playoffs by Kailey Williams


Men’s soccer dominant on the field by Athena Chua

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Wrestling grapples with competition by Sadiea Akbar


Women’s Water polo balancing fun and hard work by Andrea Fredericks


Women’s Basketball sets high expectations by Ashley Lo

Roller Hockey overcomes obstacles by Binyamin Moryosef


Premier League heating up by Noah Lowy

Entertainment June 2017


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Everything, Everything strives to diversify movie industry by Ashley Lo

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Chris Nolan’s Dunkirk adapted to big screen by Noah Lowy

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Cars 3 zooms into theaters by Nick Cassol

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Nintendo releases new gaming blockbuster, Arms by Binyamin Moryosef

The King Arthur legend is retold by Kailey Williams

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Fifth installment of Transformers is released into theaters by Amanda Kaup

Ent - Fast and Furious 2

‘Fate of the Furious races past the box office records

After lengthy production, new ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is released

Ent - Get Out

‘Get Out’ combines horror and commentary

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The Alien franchise gains a new entry by Nick Cassol

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Baywatch moves from NBC to theatres by Nathan Nguyen

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Yooka-Laylee 3-d platform game released by Binyamin Moryosef


A ‘United Kingdom’ blends history and drama by Noah Lowy


Disney recreates timeless classic by Athena Chua


Lego Universe coming together piece by piece by Nick Cassol



‘Legion’ is Marvel’s newest tv show by Binyamin Moryosef


Ed Sheeran returns from hiatus with ‘Divide’ by Ashley Lo


A saga ends with ‘Logan’ by Sadiea Akbar

Review: Kehlani release ‘SweetSexySavage’ by Catherine Pham

Opinions June 2017



Surrender the War on Drugs by Nick Cassol


Airlines jump on the laptop Bandwagon by Noah Lowy

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3-D Printing: Anything your heart desires by Nathan Nguyen

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Jail sentence for one sentence by Kailey Williams

The Beauty and the Ban by Sadiea Akbar

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Trading academics for careers by Ashley Lo

Social Psychology lacks political diversity by Binyamin Moryosef


Mens rights deserve equal consideration by Binyamin Moryosef


The Electoral College should be expelled by Alexander Stanescu


Civil disobedience should be exercised in modern protests by Ashley Lo



Virtual Reality: the problems are all too real by Nathan Nguyen

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Goodbye privacy, hello Alexa by Kailey Williams



Derogatory trademarks should be disbanded by Andrea Fredericks


The fine print of “free trade” by Nick Cassol


There is no alternative to authentic information by Noah Lowy