Summer 2018


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Winter 2017


Stars align for The Last Jedi by Noah Claxton

Jingle bells ball out by Alex Valero

Highly trained detective takes on killer by Shayan Nowarzi

Stranger Things 2, Eleven out of ten by Georgina Madok

Hamilton leaves audiences “Satisfied” by Sara Solares

Teller tells a military tale by Nicole Poirier

Fall 2017

Wonder is adapted for the big screen by Nicole Poirier

Take a peek into the Life of Kylie by Sara Solares

Look what you made her do by Shayan Nowarzi

Kingsman: The Golden Circle infiltrates theatres by Noah Claxton

Destiny 2 leads players on an interstellar adventure by Raniya Tamjidi

Half-Life 3 dashed by Valve by Nick Stone

Thor: Ragnarok is prepared to bring the thunder by Georgina Madok

Teen Wolf cast celebrates the final season by Kaila Mellos