Drilling In Good Habits in AFJROTC

To achieve comfortability with their drills, AFJROTC initiates were given the opportunity to unite with their comrades through a two week training session at Scripps Ranch High School from September 11 to 22.

According to air university, AFJROTC, or Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Camp, aims to “Instill Values Of Citizenship, Service To The United States, Personal Responsibility and Sense Of Accomplishment.” To reinforce these goals and welcome new members of AFJROTC, flight sergeants and flight commanders familiarized themselves with the initiates.

The main objective for the training session was to polish drills. Justin Bui (9) comments, “Practicing absolutely helped me to perfect my drills, and it was definitely helpful to become more comfortable around my class leaders, who were outstandingly friendly.” By making initiates feel welcomed, class leaders ensured their colleagues success. Jacob Wong (9) states, “All of the commanders were awfully welcoming and instantly aided those in need.” Ultimately, all the thoughtful acts performed by members of AFJROTC during the session helped to set a foundation for their future accomplishments. Becoming acquainted with fellow initiates gave the training sessions meaning and let members enjoy AFJROTC more. Cadet Allison Areola (9) explains, “I personally enjoyed meeting new people from the bootcamp and being able to communicate with others my own level gave me more appreciation for all the learning I received from class leaders.” To most, it was delightful having someone to empathize with. Struggling with drills easily became frustrating and tiring for most, but having a companion to work it out with let cadets have a more pleasent assembly.

AFJROTC Boot Camp For First Year Initiates Kianna Hill

Don’t Panic! This is Only a Drill

Drilling in Good Habits in AFJROTC

Some first year initiates felt the same comfort from the boot camp that took place from September 11 to 22 compared to similar gatherings. Cadet Derek Phan (9) states, “I attended summer leadership school which was two week training of leadership skills, this first year initiate boot camp for AFJROTC felt relatable in the sense that we learned to cooperate with one another.” Although the boot camp leaned more toward military discipline and knowing your drills, it positively incorporated social skills throughout the two weeks. One of the skills, confidence, came from the positive thinking, practice, training, knowledge and conversing with other people that all the cadets did daily. Adam Asuelo (9) says, “I feel way more confident than I did before the two week training because I noticed my colleagues were struggling with the same movements I was, and all the practice really made me feel like I could complete the drills close to perfect on my own time.” From this confidence, cadets were able to achieve personal responsibility for their drills.

Flight commanders and sergeants felt that the initiates attending the September 11 to 22 bootcamp were better than last year’s. Evan Dicker (11) states, “The cadets were a lot better this year because they are more motivated to actively participate with everyone else and soak up all of the information we provide them in order to overly succeed throughout the year.” Initiates this year are starting off strong with the drive and willpower to master their drills and have a good time with fellow cadets with the social skills taught to them from the two week training.

Many of the cadets who attended the two week boot camp, with newly acquainted social skills, are looking forward to the rest of their training throughout the 2017-2018 school year. Scripps Ranch’s flight sergeants and flight commanders will continue to guide the cadets as they completely master their drills. From here on out it will be a wild ride for all members in AFJROTC.


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